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Ma Jianping, vice-president of COFCO, condoled workers in difficulties and inspected CBL Sichuan OU for work safety before Spring Festival

On January 23rd, member of COFCO Corporation leading Party members' group and Vice-president Ma Jianping kindly condoled the needy employees from CBL Sichuan OU on behalf of COFCO Corporation leading Party members' group as well as inspected safety production around the factory area.

As Spring Festival is coming, Vice-president Ma Jianping, conveyed season's greetings and sincere concerns from COFCO Corporation leading Party members' group, COFCO Chairman Zhao Shuanglian and President of COFCO Yu Xubo as well as supplied consolation material and financial aid.

Mr. Ma inquired the real difficulties in life that needy employees were suffering and knew about the work of CBL Sichuan OU trade union in 2017. After that, Mr. Ma Jianping required the trade union to pay more attention to let the staff feel the warmth from CBL. Meanwhile, he also encouraged workers in difficulties to endeavour to realize their happy lives. The representative of needy employees expressed their appreciations of concerns of COFCO family. Also, he said they would make better performance in return for COFCO and CBL and devote themselves to the rapid development of the corporation.

Ma Jianping, Vice President, inspected CBL Sichuan Bottler for work safety.  After checking the areas of the production line, ammonia refrigeration house and boiler room, he proposed the importance of establishment the awareness of security red line among the staff and ensure the implementation of all sorts of safety precautions in order to guarantee staff security and food safety for customers without any accident.

Besides, Vice-president Ma listened to the report of CBL Sichuang OU 2017 full year business results and investigated the local market on the same day. He praised the team integration and outstanding achievements after Sichuang OU joining in CBL family. On the other side, he encouraged staff to accelerate growth and achieve a new wonderful starting with the targets of ‘enhancing quality and productivity, driving innovation and winning together’ in 2018.

Yan Fanbao, deputy GM of retired cadre department of COFCO Party and the masses affairs, Luan Xiuju, president of CBL, Hu Jianzhi, GM of CBL procurement department, Fang Xiang, GM of CBL Sichuan OU accompanied.